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Environmental management

Our region has an incredible environment that needs to be protected, so we work hard to meet all legislative requirements.  

Under the Environment Protection Act 1997 (ACT) we hold various licenses for our activities and have a general duty of care to prevent and minimise environmental harm and nuisance as practicable and reasonable.

To meet these obligations, we operate under an environmental management system (EMS). This sets out procedures for protecting human health and the environment. To find out more, please read our Sustainability and Environmental Management Policy.

We have various environment management plans in place to identify and manage the environmental risks and opportunities associated with delivery of essential water and wastewater services for the community.

We deliver environmental management programs including catchment protection, environmental flows, biodiversity conservation, vegetation management, weed and pest control, heritage management and contamination management.

We monitor environmental ecology and performance to meet our commitment to sustainability and the environment beyond minimum compliance and to continually improve our EMS.

Operational compliance data and reports

Under certain licences and development conditions of approval, Icon Water is obligated to publish documentation including published plans, reports and data below. 

Enlarged Cotter Dam (ECD)

Here you will find our: 

  • Fish management plan 

  • Below dams ecological monitoring reports 

Murrumbidgee to Gooong Water Transfer (M2G)

Here you will find our:

  • Annual performance reports
  • Murrumbidgee ecological monitoring program
  • Biodiversity offsets management plan and monitoring reports
  • M2G operation environmental management plan (OEMP)
  • M2G independent environmental auditor report 

Compliance document archive 

Here you will find any compliance documents older than two years. 

Googong Water Treatment Plant

Here you will find our:

  • Pollution Incident Response Management Plan
  • License monitoring data.