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What can I flush?

aOur Blockage Busters find some weird stuff in Canberra’s wastewater network. They’ve seen teeth, barbies, cutlery, clothing, watches, dentures, rings, money and even a whole bike. These things clearly don’t belong in the network and shouldn’t be put down the toilet. Flushing the wrong thing down the toilet clogs up pipes and creates unnecessary work for our Blockage Busters.

Please help us keep Canberra’s poo flowing freely. Our Blockage Busters already have enough work to do, let them focus on what matters.

Only flush toilet paper, pee and poo.

But what about all this other stuff? 

You might be asking yourself, “But what am I meant to do with my wet wipes and sanitary products?”. The answer is – just bin them. Keep a small bin next to your toilet and empty it every few days. You can even find special bins online that trap odour so the room’s a little more pleasant.

Most stuff you’d think about flushing, like kitty litter and tissues, actually belong in the bin. When in doubt, bin them.

For more hazardous items, like paint, please refer to city services for information on how you can dispose of these items safely.