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Workers and an excavator

Making a claim for loss, damage or reimbursement

If you have experienced loss or damage as a result of our business activities, you may be eligible to make a claim for compensation. 

Will I be compensated for all losses or damages?

We will pay claims for all genuine out-of-pocket expenses incurred as a direct consequence of negligence on our behalf. All claims are investigated and assessed on a case-by-case basis. We will not pay claims for damage caused by third parties or events outside its control, such as accidents, weather, vandalism, or interference from vegetation or animals.

Any reimbursement offered will reflect the fair and reasonable cost to repair the damage. Please note that it is our policy to replace damaged items with 'like for like' rather than 'new for old'.

We suggest that you contact your insurance company directly for losses resulting from external causes or events beyond Icon Water’s control. Your insurance provider may be able to reimburse you for your losses without investigation and will, in some cases, pay replacement value for damaged items.

Should you require additional confirmation from us in order to lodge a claim with your insurer, we will be happy to assist.

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