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Want to understand the water and sewerage services that are unique to Uriarra? Download the household guide.

Uriarra Village

Icon Water provides a wastewater (domestic sewage) collection service to each property in the Uriarra Village and also operates and maintains a metered ‘non-drinking water’ supply to each property in the Uriarra Village. Services are supplied to Uriarra Village under the Uriarra Raw Water Services and Pressure Sewerage Services Connection and Supply Standard Customer Contract.

The Uriarra Household Guide and Operating Instructions provides helpful information about the Icon Water wastewater pump and pod, and how to maximise the life of them, and optimise their operation.


Wastewater or sewage travels from toilets, baths, showers, floor wastes and basins through household sanitary drains to an Icon Water owned ‘pod’. From the pod, the wastewater is pumped under pressure to a sewage treatment plant located on the north side of Brindabella Road.

Water supply

The metered ‘non-drinking water’ supplied to each property in the Uriarra Village does not meet ‘drinking water’ quality standards. Non-drinking  water is NOT suitable for human consumption and should NOT be used for:

  • drinking
  • food preparation
  • dish or utensil washing
  • showering or bathing
  • swimming pools (unless chlorinated).

The Uriarra Settlement relies on ‘rainwater’ (tank water) for these purposes.

The non-drinking water supply has a limited capacity and must be used sparingly, especially in the summer bushfire season. Permanent water conservation measures are in place to ensure future sustainability of this resource. To learn more about water conservation, read about our Permanent Water Conservation Measures.