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water meter

Using an Icon Water Lock

When your meter is behind a gate or door

What is an Icon Water lock? 
An Icon Water lock is a dual keyed lock we use to access private property that would otherwise be inaccessible. Dual keyed means that you have a key specific to that lock and we, the utility, have a master key that fits all dual keyed locks. It’s a good solution if your meter is behind a gate or door.  

Electricity and gas meters within the ACT are also accessible using the same dual keyed locks. This means only one lock is required to give all three utilities access to the same space. 

What type of lock can you buy? 

You can choose between a padlock and cylinder lock depending on your requirements. 

Padlock Cylinder lock




How do you get an Icon Water lock? 
Padlocks are available for collection from either our Mitchel shopfront or through the Evo Energy Greenway depot. We may also organise to mail a padlock to you depending on individual circumstances.  

If you require a cylinder lock, this can be organised through any reputable locksmith. 

How much will it cost?  
Costs vary depending on the type of lock. We can provide a padlock and two keys for about $100 (with rebates available for concession holders). If you organise a lock through a locksmith, installation costs may vary from site to site.  

Let us know once the lock is installed.  
If you install an Icon Water lock through a locksmith, please let us know. You can get in touch by: 

  • Dialling 6248 3111 and selecting option 2, or  
  • emailing
     We’ll note in our records that we now have access to your meter. If we’ve been estimating your bill for some time, your next bill could be higher or lower than usual.