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Leaks can cost you anywhere from a few extra dollars to $150 per day which is why it’s important to regularly check your meter to avoid a nasty surprise at bill time.

Definition of Undetected Leaks

The definition of an Undetected Leak

An undetected leak is unable to be detected by visible inspection and may require the assistance of a licensed plumber to locate. An undetected leak is where there is no visible sign of water loss and therefore could not have been reasonably detected by the customer prior to Icon Water issuing an account.

Undetected Leak Criteria

  • The water leak is hidden from view (ie under a concrete driveway, under a building). Water leaks in paddocks, yards or in gardens are not considered concealed as the leak can generally be detected by visible inspection (e.g. green patch of grass, boggy ground).
  • As the property owner, you own and are responsible for maintaining and repairing all of the pipes and fittings from the water meter, and accept responsibility for any water loss from the pipes and fittings you are responsible for. This is the case regardless of the property size.
  • The leak was determined and confirmed as being undetected (hidden from view) by a licensed plumber.
  • A licensed plumber has completed the repairs and provided a notice of repair or a copy of receipt/invoice outlining the repairs. The receipt/invoice must describe the nature and location of the leak and confirmation of the repair.
  • If the loss of water was the result of faulty plumbing fixtures including but not limited to fittings such as taps, leaking showers, toilet cisterns, hot water systems and sprinkler systems it will not be covered by this undetected leak adjustment.
  • No previous undetected leak adjustment has been granted to the current owner/s.
  • The application is received within a reasonable time frame (i.e. within four months of the billing period).
  • The adjustment will be granted for the period of the leak, up to a maximum of two (2) billing periods. The adjustment will be granted on the current quarter if the leak was detected in that quarter, or for both the previous and current quarters up to the date of the repair.
  • The adjustment will be applied as above, to Unit Title Plans, with the following conditions:

- If evidence is provided to prove which party is responsible for the pipework in which the undetected leak occurred (i.e. common property or land owned by a specific unit holder). Where evidence is not provided, the leak is to be treated as though it were on common property. 

- Where the leak is on common property, the adjustment will be granted once only.

- Where the leak is in pipework owned by a specific unit holder, the adjustment will be granted once only per unit.