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Project 1: Belconnen trunk sewer augmentation

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Project 1 included the construction of ~2.4 kilometres of wastewater pipe, a 170-metre pipe bridge that will support the new sewer over Ginninderra Creek and an odour control unit (OCU) at Latham North.

Project location
The map below shows the route of the 2.4km pipeline between Copland Drive, Melba and Tillyard Drive, Flynn.


Odour control unit
The location of the odour control unit (OCU) for Project 1 is in north Latham on Ginninderra Drive, opposite Tillyard Drive (as seen on the map below).



Pipe bridge
As part of the construction, a pipe bridge was built across Ginninderra Creek.

During the initial submission of the planning documentation for Project 1, feedback was received from the community requesting whether the pipe bridge could be modified to also support a pedestrian and bike path.

We performed an assessment of the possibility of the pipe bridge over Ginninderra Creek being upgraded to accommodate a pedestrian and bike path. Although a pedestrian and bike path would provide benefit to the local community, these upgrades were unfortunately cost prohibitive.