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Make sure you keep a one metre clearance zone around assets to provide enough space for us to  maintain our infrastructure safely and efficiently.

Restoration of your property

If you have received a restoration advice letter it means that Icon Water attended your property to carry out maintenance works, whether unplanned or planned, and there has been some disruption to your property. 

We hope that any disruption to your property has not been too inconvenient. Our next steps are to restore any damage to your property.  

When will restoration be completed?
The restoration advice notice will outline the remediation required. You will receive a second advice card from us or our contractor about the timing of the restoration works. In most cases we will restore your land within four weeks (depending on things like the weather and how wet the ground is) and we’ll take all reasonable steps to minimise damage. 

What level of restoration will you provide?
We will work to restore your property to a condition similar to that before works began, in keeping with the Utilities Act 2000.  
Contact Icon Water if you have a preferred provider and we will see if we can engage their services. When you contact us we will ask for the facility ID on the top of your restoration advice notice and your property address. 

What is covered with standard restoration?

  • Topsoil and seed – requires frequent watering to help establish new lawn.  Refer to the ACT region’s Permanent Water Conservation Measures for rules around watering.
  • Mulch 
  • Plant replacement – small/medium sized 
  • Ground cover – coloured granite
  • Kerb and gutter 
  • Concrete, paving or asphalt – vehicles need to be cleared from driveways to allow repairs.
  • Major landscaping 

What if the restoration is on or near an Icon Water asset?  
We are unable to restore trees, vegetation, gardens, pavers or other elements if they interfere with the safe and effective operation of Icon Water’s network.  Click here to find out more about access and clearance to Icon Water assets. Our Restoration Officer will work with you to resolve these kind of issues.    

How you can help.
We recommend you take before and after photos of your property so we can assess the condition of your property.  We’ll also take photos to help us determine that your property has been restored properly.     

Talk to us.
If you have any questions about restoration at your property, please call us on (02)  6248 3111 and select option 3 for general enquiries.