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Price review 23-24

Price Review 2023–28

We aim to achieve a fair price model while delivering quality water and wastewater services. Let us know what you need, value and expect from us. 
The Proposal

Icon Water is the ACT’s supplier of essential water and wastewater (sewerage) services; proudly serving the ACT community for over 100 years. The Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission (ICRC) is the independent body responsible for reviewing our services and setting our maximum prices every five years.

We have published our price proposal for the 2023 to 2028 period. The proposal outlines our priorities and investments for delivering water and wastewater services to the ACT community, and customer prices for the period 2023 to 2028. It has been informed by community feedback and the involvement of more than 17,500 people in Canberra who participated in our Let’s Talk engagement program. We submitted the price proposal to the ICRC in the middle of 2022.


Consultation Launch – July 2021
Starting talking with our stakeholders and the ACT community. Community survey opens.
Focus Groups and stakeholder discussions – July to August 2021
Reaching out to our stakeholder groups for one-on-one discussions. The first Customer Advocacy Forum is held. Focus groups start.
Community pop-ups and deliberative forums – September to October 2021
Pop-ups at various events in Canberra and survey to gather your insights. Deliberative forums start.
Confirming our insights – November to December 2021
Survey to confirm the insights we have gathered from the ACT community.
Collate engagement findings – December 2021 to March 2022
Report to articulate the insights and feedback we have heard from the ACT community.
Publish the insights and feedback – April 2022
Price proposal publication – July 2022
Response to draft ICRC report – late 2022
Implementation – July 2023







Some frequently asked questions


Who are you consulting with?

We have a goal of consulting with as many people and groups as possible in the ACT. We have plans to speak with existing customers, ACT residents, local Indigenous communities, businesses, environmental groups, our account holders, developers needing access to water infrastructure, plus many more.

How will you use my feedback?

Yes. Your feedback is a critical component of our proposal. We want to understand what you value about your water and wastewater services, and how we can improve. 

All feedback and input received will be valuable in shaping and informing our final proposal.

When can I read the final submission?

Our price proposal will be submitted to the ICRC during the middle of 2022. We will post the document on this website.

What exactly does Icon Water do?

Icon Water is the ACT’s supplier of essential water and wastewater services; proudly serving the community for over 100 years.

We own and operate assets worth over $2.6 billion, comprising the ACT’s network of dams, water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, reservoirs, water and sewage pumping stations, mains and other related infrastructure.

Who is the ICRC and what do they do?

The Independent Competition and Regulatory Commission (ICRC) regulates prices, access to infrastructure services and other matters in relation to regulated industries in the ACT. They also have responsibility for licensing utility services in the ACT and ensuring compliance with licence conditions.

As such, the ICRC is Icon Water’s economic regulator. This is important for ACT water customers, as Icon Water is the monopoly provider of essential water services in the ACT. The ICRC’s role is to ensure we provide safe and reliable services at a fair and efficient cost that is in the interest of our customers.