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Emergencies, faults and outages

For water and sewerage faults and emergencies phone 02 6248 3111 (option 1)

View current unplanned water and sewerage outages in the ACT.

What is an emergency?

An emergency relating to our utility networks is anything that is dangerous or a potential health hazard, or when damage has been caused to part of utility infrastructure such as pipes, hydrants and meters. If there is a life-threatening situation, you should call the emergency number 000 (112 on most mobiles) for immediate assistance from the police, fire brigade or ambulance before calling our emergency contact numbers to report the utility related emergency. See for more information.

Burst water mains

If you see water running from public land or a roadway, it could be a burst water main, please call Icon Water's faults and emergencies team on 02 6248 3111. Please tell the operator if the water is damaging property or likely to cause an accident. Icon Water will attend as quickly as possible. A small number of Icon Water mains traverse private land. If you believe a utility water main has burst on your property, call Icon Water's 24-hour faults and emergency team 02 6248 3111. 

Icon Water (and Icon Water contractors) are the only parties permitted to work on Icon Water assets. Unauthorised individuals or private licensed plumbers should not attempt repair in connection or relation to an Icon Water asset.

Burst water main

Leaking water meter

Icon Water is responsible for repairing leaking meters and leaks in the Icon Water network that delivers water to the Icon Water meter. You are responsible for calling a private plumber if water is leaking from a pipe on your side (down-stream) of the meter. If in doubt call Icon Water's faults and emergencies team on 02 6248 3111.

Water leaking from pipes on your property

If water is leaking from pipes on your private property, contact a licensed plumber. If your plumber discovers a problem on the Icon Water utility network service, call our faults and emergency number 02 6248 3111. In order to confirm if there is a leak on your internal plumbing, you may conduct a simple leak test:

  • firstly, ensure all appliances, such as dishwashers, washing machines, and any irrigation systems are turned off;
  • have a look at the meter. If the meter is continuing to register usage, it is likely that you have an internal leak, and should therefore contact a licensed plumber immediately.

Slow leaks:

  • some leaks that are slower (toilet cisterns, dripping taps) may not be obvious upon taking an initial read, however the consumption will add up over time and can become costly;
  • take a meter reading and then read the meter again a few hours later. It is recommended that you do this over a period of time when the property may be vacant to ensure no water is used internally;
  • if upon taking the second reading, the meter has moved, it is suggested that you engage a licensed plumber to investigate how the usage may have occurred. 

Find more information and advice on how to read your water meter.

Interruption to my water supply

Icon Water is required to notify you if there are plans to interrupt your water supply. We must give:

  • at least two days' written notice of any planned maintenance work which may interrupt your water supply
  • at least four days' written notice of planned work if you have a dialysis machine operating at your residence.

In the event of an emergency or unexpected fault, Icon Water is permitted to turn off the water supply without notice, however we will work to fix the fault and restore supply as quickly as possible. View an up to date list of unplanned interruptions to your water supply.

Water quality concerns

Icon Water do not recommend drinking water that appears, smells or tastes objectionable. If you have concerns about the quality, colour, taste or odour of the water supplied to your property, please call Icon Water's 24-hr faults and emergency team on 02 6248 3111.

Suspected water theft

Theft of water (and interference with Icon Water's utility infrastructure) are serious offences which may attract substantial penalties. If you know or think you know of anyone stealing water, either through meter bypass or use of an unmetered standpipe, let us know by:

  • submitting your report to Icon Water by email, or
  • calling Icon Water's Customer Services team on 02 6248 3111.

Your report will be treated in confidence.

Stormwater problem

If stormwater is overflowing from downpipes or sumps on your private property, contact a licensed drainer. If your drainer provides evidence suggesting the blockage is caused by a problem in the Transport Canberra and City Services' (TCCS) stormwater system, you or your drainer should phone Access Canberra on 13 22 81 and seek assistance.

If stormwater is flooding your premises (from the road or public land), phone Access Canberra on 13 22 81 and seek assistance. Please tell the operator if the water is damaging property or likely to cause an accident.

Find out more information stormwater issues, please visit ACT Government City Services.