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Cotter Dam from below

Construction of a new Cotter Pump Station

We plan to construct a new Cotter Pump Station to meet the rising needs of a growing Canberra.

Concept art for the second Cotter Pump Station – aerial view

The Cotter Pump Station is a piece of Canberra’s history. Built in 1915, it is Australia’s oldest operating pump station. Its job is to supply our Stromlo Water Treatment Plant with water from both the Cotter Dam and Murrumbidgee River. 

While the station itself has received several additions, and new pumps, over its extensive lifetime, the long years of service are starting to have an impact. The aged components have become costly to maintain, less reliable and less energy efficient when compared to modern equipment. As it stands, this station cannot meet Canberra’s long-term needs.

We are unable to install the necessary upgrades without affecting the heritage value of the Cotter Pump Station. Because of this, we have decided to build a new pump station adjacent to the existing site. This new infrastructure will have the modern equipment necessary to meet the rising demands of a growing Canberra. It will also include high-efficiency pumps which will reduce our energy consumption and environmental impact.

Concept art for the second Cotter Pump Station – side view

The second pump station will include three pumps and space for a fourth. Combined, these pumps will be capable of providing Canberrans with 150 million litres of water each day.

This is an exciting project that is expected to be completed by mid-2025. We fully expect to meet our objective of preserving the heritage value of the Cotter Pump Station, while expanding our capacity to supply Canberrans with quality, reliable and efficient water services.