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Cotter Dam from below

O'Connor Reservoir upgrade

The O'Connor Reservoir, located in the Bruce Ridge Nature Reserve, has been supplying North Canberrans with clean drinking water over the past 60 years. Like most reservoirs around Canberra, it ensures that water is supplied and water pressure is maintained, even during peak demand periods. 

It's now time to upgrade the O’Connor Reservoir. This project features two phases: 

  1. The upgrade of the aged sealing joints to ensure the reservoir continues holding water properly 
  2. The replacement of the reservoir roof to keep the drinking water it contains clean and safe.


While construction projects can sometimes be noisy and disruptive, we can assure you that we will strive to minimise the impact to the community. We have developed a traffic management plan to ensure the safety of the nature reserve users, including pedestrians and cyclists. 

Construction works have started in March 2022, with site establishment and upgrades to access tracks within the Bruce Ridge Nature Reserve to allow large construction equipment to access site. The reservoir has been taken offline so that the roof replacement and floor repair works can take place. We have implemented bypass measure to ensure residents are still supplied with clean drinking water. 

We expect to complete this project by February 2023, with landscaping works taking place after the project is finished. 

If you have any questions or concerns about the project, call us at 02 6248 3111, or email