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Cotter Dam from below

Uriarra non-drinking water pipeline replacement

We supply non-drinking water to Uriarra Village to be used for toilet flushing, laundry use, urban firefighting and other external uses. To maintain security for the community, we have built a new non-potable water main. This replaces aging existing infrastructure which can no longer meet the needs of the village.

The new water main is 4.1km long and connects the Uriarra water tanks to Icon Water’s network near the intersection of the Cotter and Murrumbidgee rivers. The buried pipeline was constructed using a combination of open trenched and trenchless (horizontal directional drilling) technology. It traverses bushland and fire trails to the north of Cotter Dam.

The new water main began delivering water to Uriarra Village in October, 2023. 

Uriarra pipeline project