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Image of a river within our catchment

Protecting our water supply

Our catchments are a vital part of Canberra’s water network. The region’s raw water is sourced from the Cotter River reservoirs, Googong Reservoir and the Murrumbidgee River. We work hard to ensure these catchments, and the river systems, remain as healthy as possible, by:

Water quality 

Our water quality must comply with the Public Health (Drinking Water) Code of Practice 2007 (ACT) and the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines. To help accomplish this, we have a comprehensive, and routine, drinking water quality monitoring program observing our distribution network. To find out more, check out our Drinking Water Quality Report

Conserving water 

Our dams store water for the future. To be prepared for the worst, we need to use water responsibly. This is why Canberra has:

How can I use my water responsibly? Check out our water saving tips to learn more