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Student Employment Programs

Icon Water offers a wide range of student employment programs including: 

Graduate Program

Our Graduate Program is a two-year structured program where graduates will experience 4 x 6-month placements across different groups in Icon Water. The rotations will include on-the-job training and development plus formal learning opportunities. We seek graduates from a broad range of disciplines including Electrical, Mechanical and Civil Engineering, in addition to Project Management, ICT, Commerce, Finance and Business.
Our graduate intakes are announced each year, so please look out on our current vacancies page.


Icon Waters work ethics on providing equal opportunities to applicants from diverse backgrounds and ensuring that their skills and knowledge is used to help the community is one of the most crucial and impressive aspect of the company. They truly appreciate and recognise everyone in the organisation for their hard work and successively Icon water is always looking for its employee’s safety and well being.  I feel fortunate that I can be a part of Icon water and in turn assist the community.

Asmita D'Silva


My experience has been of a really open and supportive workplace with good employee benefits and opportunities for career mobility and growth.Curtis Gordon

Vacation Employment / Internships

Our vacation placements provide current university students with an opportunity to gain work experience in their chosen field of study over the holiday periods. Vacation placements can be from 1 to 12 weeks. To be eligible students need to be Australian citizens or have a working visa and be enrolled in undergraduate studies. To express interest please email

What do previous students say about working with us? 

I’m currently doing a double degree at UC – Bachelor of Communications in Media and Public Affairs and Bachelor of Arts. As part of my internship with the Communications and Engagement team, I worked on campaigns such as Woof Water. I helped the team with media briefs and analysis, and researched best practice for different social media sites. My internship with Icon Water has helped my professional development by giving me practical experiences and opportunities to implement the theory I have learnt during my degree. Overall, the experience was very beneficial, fun and the entire team at Icon Water was super welcoming.
- Kara Thomson, University of Canberra, February 2020

I am a University of Canberra student currently completing my last subject - professional practice (work experience). I had completed majors in water science and environmental chemistry and thought a placement with Icon Water would be a great opportunity to apply some of the concepts and knowledge I’d gained. I got to be involved in a number of projects with the Environment and Sustainability Team, including identifying high risk liquid trade waste sites, assisting with land management activities, helping prepare some briefings on climate change, and a literature review on nitrous oxide emissions. I cannot describe how much this experience contributed to my professional development in such a small time. Having the opportunity to be involved in a variety of work gave me great insight into the water industry in Australia and it was great to work with such a kind and professional team. 
- Miguel Aragon, University of Canberra, August 2019

Work Experience and Vocational Placements

As a proud member of the community, Icon Water recognises the importance and value of providing practical experience and opportunities to students who are interested in a career in the water industry. 

With opportunities available to both high school and university students, Icon Water will provide an engaging and hands on placement. Students will gain exposure to the operational work environment, experience core aspects of a particular role and develop workplace skills while receiving feedback and guidance, all within a safe and supportive team environment. 

Interested students are asked to submit an application to and include the following:

• completed work experience application form
• current CV/resume 
• a copy of your current academic transcript (university students only) 
• proof of insurance coverage (this is the student's responsibility and can be obtained from the educational institution) 
• documentation/confirmation from your educational institution demonstrating that the placement is an approved part of a course of study 
• any relevant compliance requirements; e.g. white card for students who will be attending construction sites or participating in field visits

With a diverse workforce of people employed in a range of jobs, we encourage students from all disciplines to enquire about a placement, whether it be in Finance, Environment, Sustainability, Engineering, Science, ICT, Communications and so on.

Whilst Icon Water will make every effort to arrange and facilitate a placement for interested students, we are not always able to do so due to the capacity of the relevant work area. We will endeavour to respond to any requests as soon as we can.